Moving Checklist
Storage by the Fox: Self storage units in Woonona
Tips & Tricks for your move
Secure, clean & dry self storage units in Woonona
Electricity & Gas
Call before 2pm for connection and allow 2 days for disconnection. (A surcharge applies for after-hours connection)
Notify the old school of the move and enrol children in their new school.
Post Office
Arrange to have mail forwarded to your new address
Change licence and vehicle registration details
Arrange a cover note on your new premises or transfer your insurance to your new address
Cancel Deliveries
Newspaper, milk, etc
House Keys
Arrange for collection of keys for your new home, have spares cut if needed and return old keys
Other - Notify Change of Address
Banks, Health Fund Subscriptions, Doctor, Club Memberships, Dentist, Vet, Electoral Office
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  • Plan your self storage space carefully. Make a list of what you will be storing and map out your storage space to make the most efficient use of space
  • Place protection on concrete floors when storing mattresses, furniture or furnishings
  • Store large or heavy items towards the rear of the unit so you can use these items as a base to stack upon. Then begin packing towards the front and top of the unit with lighter more fragile items
  • Store longer items (such as mattresses, beds, couches and tabletops) along the walls of your storage unit. This provides protection and generally allows for a more efficient use of space
  • Remember to use all available space – use the full height of the unit to your advantage and turn items on their ends where appropriate.
  • Stack boxes of similar sizes together, leaving enough room for you to move around the unit if required
  • Place frequently accessed goods near the door


Even if your furniture isn’t fragile, it is still vulnerable to damage during the trip from your home to your storage unit. To reduce the risks, wrap your items in furniture covers or moving blankets. You can find some of these in our Box Shop

  • Ensure you pack items that you will access frequently into the truck first so these items will be packed into the unit last
  • Dismantle larger items or any items with legs to make these items easy to move, and to maximise space in your storage unit
  • Empty wardrobes, cupboards and drawers while moving to protect your furniture.
  • Ensure all larger items are covered with furniture covers, moving blankets or soft furnishings to protect them whilst in storage
  • Artwork and mirrors – Always place mirrors in an upright position and protect them by securing between softer items such as mattresses for extra protection


  • If storing kitchen appliances or whitegoods, be sure they are thoroughly clean, dry and defrosted to prevent moisture or mildew damaging your valuables. Store with doors slightly ajar. Don’t forget to check appliance hoses to ensure they are completely dry to prevent water damage
  • Keep any extra hoses, nuts, bolts or extra hardware items in plastic bags secured to the appliance so everything required to operate the appliance is kept together

Self storage is the ideal solution if you are:

  • Downsizing into a home with less space for furniture
  • Moving house and needing somewhere safe to keep your furniture during the transition
  • About to embark on extended travel and looking for a secure place to leave your furniture

A Simple Solution for Furniture Storage

  • Keeping your furniture secure and out of the way is easy when you have a clean and convenient storage unit. National Storage can provide you with the perfect temporary home for your couches, bookcases, cabinets, beds, tables, dining sets and other household items


  • Drain oil to reduce the risk of leakage, spillage and damage to other goods. Ensure all items are dry and clean, and wipe with a few drops of oil before storing to prevent rust. Keep these items secure and away from other items that may be damaged by rust

Whether you need a short-term unit for your house’s contents or a long-term space for an extra couch that’s cramping your style, rely on Storage By The Fox to tailor the right unit for the right price

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When storing cabinets, bookcases and similar items, it’s best to remove any contents prior to the move. Packing small objects in a moving box will prevent them from becoming loose during transit and doing damage to themselves or the piece of furniture’s interior

Chairs that easily stack are convenient, but they aren’t invincible – place cloth or packing paper in between them to add an extra layer of protection

If you are storing a mattress, ensure you cover it properly and store it vertically so that it doesn’t take up more space than it needs to. Any pillows, cushions or other soft pieces of furniture should ideally be kept in boxes